A Creel is a small wicker basket often used by anglers to hold fish, lobsters or other prey. It is designed as an evaporative cooler when lined with moss and dipped into the creek. Caught fish can be inserted through a slot in the top.
But it's also the Name of a company and a social monetisation system. Any type of virtual currency (for ex.: gaming tokens, loyalty points, air miles, bitcoins,…) can be traded or used to extend your time on the merchant's platform. The Fund can be redeemed instantly.
The Mascot:
Kingfishers are brightly coloured birds. The plumage is often bright, with green and blue being the most common colours. They feed on a wide variety of prey. Although they are most famous for hunting and eating fish some species often take also crustacean, amphibians,… and even birds and mammals. Kingfishers feature heavily in human culture. The Polynesians believed that the sacred kingfisher, for ex., had control over the seas and waves. Modern taxonomy also refers to the winds and sea in naming kingfishers after a classical Greek myth (the marriage of Alcyone and Ceyx).
Kingfishers are often master fishermen, interesting, powerful with a bright plumage. So the Mascot is a metaphor for the creel, the anglers,… 
The Logo:
The Kingfisher enters the water headfirst, catches the fish in its bill, resurfaces, breaks clear of the water and flies off to feed. The C of the Logo reminds of the bird wings but also of the moment, when the Kingfisher breaks of the water. The used brush typeface is flourished and flowing and the cause of the careful spacing and kerning int appears like a fluently written handwriting.

To be able to use and set up the system the costumer has to follow eight simple steps, therefore some simple but informative illustrations were created. The use of isometric graphics is an reference to the beginnings of computer games. Although – cause of the advent of more powerful graphic systems – becoming less common isometric projection is known from very successful games like Diablo or Ravenwood Fair (a social network game on Facebook). 

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