Carnival is a festive season occurring immediately before Lent and it typically includes public enjoyment and entertainment involving wearing unusual clothes (masquerade), dancing,...  People wear masks during many of such celebrations, which are an overturning of life's normal things. The most famous Carnivals are held for ex. in Venice (Italy) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
In parts of East and South Germany, as well as in Austria, the carnival is called "Fasching". The carnival season begins each year on 11th November at 11.11 am and finishes on Ash Wednesday of the following year. Around Shrove Tuesday (Faschingsdienstag) some of the main festivities are happening. So Fasching is all about having fun and celebrating life in some ways.
Especially children love to celebrate Fasching, and so there are a lot of parties for them.
Posters are a great visual aid also for announcements of carnival parties. Therefore a good poster should be just as impactful from far away as it is, if you are standing right before it. The scale of the illustration paired with it's direction of view adds visual interest to the head and sub lines. At 5 inches away you notice the other informations given on the poster  – the entrance fee and the concessions.
Clowns are known for wearing funny clothes and makeup and trying to make people laugh. Big shoes, a huge tie, a clown nose, a wig, a hat,… are some characteristic and silly things, a clown is known for. Kids love to be dressed up as clown, as clowns are known for doing silly things, having fun and they often make others laugh.
If you know your poster is going to be in a sea of posters by other designers, it's ideal to make yours stand out. This is done with bright colours and also the illustration. But it is also kept simple, with only fewest elements used and so, for people, who are bombarded with visuals all day that are fighting for their attention, it is easily digestible at a glance. To sum up: There is no need to explain the concept to anyone. ;)

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