Past Present Future.

Photography freezes time, it can record reality, objects and details in the real world. It is in some ways the art of time. Photography  is a combination of an amount of light, coming through a lens (or a hole) and combined with an amount of time that light is allowed to create a photo. Time is the core of every photography, it's the frozen moment when the photo is shot. An instant in time – grabbed and taken hold of.
In this work, there is more than just one moment shown, the elapsed time, the movements from two instants are united in one image. The Past meets it's future and the point where this happens, is the presence. Which is the only moment, that isn't shown in the picture. 

analogue photography – pinhole | part of the exhibitions “WEITER ˽ ZURÜCK”, Fotografische Gesellschaft OÖ, OÖ-Fotogalerie - Landeskulturzentrum, Linz, 2014 || “Zwischenspiel”, Verbund, Vertikale Galerie, Wien, 2014
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